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The Ardensingers present "Patience"

  • May. 12th 2018

The B. Stimson Carrow Auditorium

The Ardensingers present Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience

Saturday, May 12, 2018 at 7:30pm

Stage Director: David Ben Leavitt
Music Director: Helene Furlong

The Story:
Just one year ago the young ladies in the village were engaged to soldiers in the 35th Dragoon Guards, but they’ve since embraced “aestheticism” and have lost their hearts to the “fleshly” poet, Reginald Bunthorne.  In a private moment, Bunthorne reveals that he’s actually an aesthetic sham, but craves the attention he receives as a poet.  He’s in love with the simple village milk-maid, Patience.  When the Dragoon Guards arrive in the village on leave, they’re bewildered by the change of circumstances, and the equilibrium is further upset by the arrival of an “idyllic” poet, Archibald Grosvenor, who was a childhood friend of Patience.  With two poets as rivals, the Dragoon Guards determine to become “aesthetic”, too, if that’s what it takes to win the women’s hearts.  In typical G&S fashion everybody is paired with a suitable partner by the end of the play.  A light-hearted spoof of all who take their art a little too seriously, with many memorable Sullivan melodies!

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Tickets- $16 general admission, $14 SOH members, senior citizens, and military, $8 children 12 and under