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First State, First Step: Delaware to the Moon

  • Oct. 25th 2019

The B. Stimson Carrow Auditorium

Friday, October 25th 7-8:30pm

Free to attend. DVD's will be sold for $10 (cash only).

The Smyrna Public Library will be holding a screening of the documentary, First State, First Step: Delaware to the Moon in the Smyrna Opera House Auditorium. 

"First State, First Step: Delaware to the Moon" documents the history of Delaware's contribution to the 1969 Apollo moon landing—50 years ago. The products developed by three Delaware companies—DuPont, W. L. Gore & Associates and International Latex Corporation (ILC)—were absolutely critical to the success of America's lunar landings. DuPont textiles, Gore coated cabling, and ILC space suits were all developed in Delaware by committed Delawareans, some of whom are still alive. Combining their interviews with those of scholars and historians, as well as never-seen file footage of these products being developed, make for a compelling documentary that explores the "human" story behind one of America's greatest technological achievements.


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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc.: To the Moon, Delaware from Michael Oates on Vimeo.